Apply stain and odor remover to keep your pet from going there again. Just make sure that the product you select isn’t one that is going to damage the finish of your floor. You can also buff the floor with a dry rag afterwards to restore its luster. If you have a paint spill on a wood floor, you will need to use a clean, dry rag or paper towels and dab up all of the excess paint as soon as possible. If this type of spill occurs, the first thing to do is try to contain the spill. The first task is to take a look at the type of door you have and the amount of dirt and grime you need to get rid of. However, you need to do some mopping to remove stubborn dirt and grime. To wit, they need moisture and certain temperatures to grow on many types of surfaces, from plant leaves to stored garments. It is worthwhile using a moisture meter to check.

So whatever your floor type, check out our top tips on how to keep them ship-shape. Check your surroundings. You might just have spilled a few drops of wax that refused not to stick. Here are a few tips on how to properly clean latex paint spills from various surfaces. Let it sit for a few minutes, then blast it off with a pressure hose. An 80 grit sandpaper applied to the wood surface with even pressure will remove compressed surface fibres. To regain the smooth surface that you’re looking for, finish off the sanding process with 120 grit, and continue with 180 grit if you’re really finicky. Regular vacuuming is essential for carpets, as it prevents loose dirt and grit from working into the carpet pile where it will damage the fibres. Use the suction head for loop-pile carpets, as beater brushes and heads can cause the carpet to bobble. For wood exterior doors with a stain finish, use furniture polish or wax to give it a like-new shine.

Stains can cause the grain to rise a it, giving the furniture a rough appearance. Outdoor wooden furniture should be sealed and varnished. No matter how great your pet is and how much you love him, there will be times when he will mess on your floors. Part of knowing how to clean wood floors properly is learning how to deal with the occasional spills. Water based stains are best for new wood or clean, bare wood. There are several good ones out there. It does look good and is a quick fix but I don’t know how long this strategy will last if there is high traffic. Never apply a coat thickly thinking this will save time. This approach makes a lot of sense when staining lathwork, which is a common application, and requires arduous brush time. Rough deck wood offers a rugged look, and requires only cleaning to remove sawdust and accumulated dirt. Overall, these horizontal surfaces such as the deck surface itself and railing tops will bear most of the wearing influences. Remember that this is not a cabinetry finish being applied; it is a surface that will take a beating from deckchairs, feet, and weather. Nor do I sand between coats because I’m not going for a cabinetry finish.

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Probably one of the most important questions that comes up with staining projects is, How many coats? Most of our staining projects are required in areas less than ideal for stain application. This means using a weatherproof garage, or even setting up an outdoor shed to keep the weather off my projects. Again, be sure not to scrub too hard if you’re using an abrasive cleaner. You can even use this cleaner to clean rust off of bumpers and tools! Use a paper towel to blot away any standing urine. When a stain has been left for several years the urine may seep into the sub- flooring or at least the odor. Arm yourself with warm water, white vinegar, paper towels and one of those new-fangled products that contain enzymes, or special bacteria that will remove both the discoloration and the “marked” odor from the wood. If discoloration or removal of finish does occur, call the professional finisher to have it recoated or rewaxed. Afterwards, buff your floors when needed and have them rewaxed once or twice a year, according to the specifications of the manufacturer. To remove dark stains on hardwood floors you need to take it a step past just removing the stain with a cleaner.

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Below is the process for removing fresh pet stains with the above materials. Start by gathering everything you’ll need so you have it all to hand during the process. It will pay off in terms of looks and longevity of deck coating, but add a lot of labour to your project unless you have specialised sanding equipment on hand. Most people prefer a smooth deck surface, however. Another important consideration is whether your wood deck surface will be smooth or rough. Rough decking means wood that has come directly from the sawmill, and has not been planned smooth using, guess what? Wood floors are appealing to the eye and adds value to any home. Just remember, if you have an accidental paint spill the sooner you are able to act to clean it up the better your chances are for complete removal. After allowing the kitty litter to stand on the paint spill for 10-15 minutes, shovel up the cat litter in a container and dispose of properly.

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