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We regularly substitute English words for slang, so even if you speak English you may be confused or amused at the sentences we put together. I simply could not dive into how to clear a clogged toilet drain without saying a few words about one of my favorite pieces of equipment in the home. G’day, I’m a true blue Aussie, and here are some of the most common everyday Australian slang words you’ll hear us Aussies popping into the conversation! The toilet becomes clogged or blocked when items placed in the toilet are insoluble and therefore find some corner, bend or sink to lodge in, create a build up and hence a blocked toilet drain. There were other problems with our drain. The false black widow spider is also in England, but there are no spiders which are native to England which can kill a human, unless a person is allergic to spider bites. The Black Widow, named for its colour of, well black, with a red spot on its abdomen is very distinguishable. Coming in at only about 50 cm in length, with colours ranging from brown to black, and zigzag markings along its back. They are thought to be of European descent, coming over in crates and boxes as the European trade increases.

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So children who have been playing for years with these spiders, letting them crawl over their hands and even pulling the legs off of them, have actually been playing with a spider more venomous than the tarantula spider. This caused more problems than it solved. Your eyes, hands arms and upper body are more susceptible to splashes. Wear Long Sleeve Shirt – You are trying to protect most if not all of your upper area from accidental burns. Use goggles to protect your hands from accidental burns. Goggles – Protection for your eyes are always important. Ensure that you are set with a pair of plastic gloves before getting started. In fact, it was getting worse. It can replace plungers, caustic drain cleaners and even expensive plumber’s bills. I find many of these drain cleaners to be a waste of time and money and will simply not unclog many types of blockages.

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At best, they only leave a small opening through the mess which only leaves a base for new waste to adhere to. As a waste accumulates, it forms a thicker and thicker layer that eventually reduces the size of your sewer openings to a very small diameter. Check the sewer in your yard periodically to ensure that that passage is also clear. The plunger is a simple yet very effective tool to clear a clogged up toilet bowl. After the blockage has been cleared, ensure the plunger is properly disinfected. With that said, here is how to properly use a plunger to remove the toilet blockage. Wire may be required if you have tried using the plunger and the liquid drain cleaner with no avail. What Causes Toilet Drain Clogging? This causes slower and slower drains until, eventually, you must start plunging or use a caustic drain cleaner. Well, this is where toilet maintenance becomes necessary, and unclogging that blocked toilet drain is a must. But for many, it is a simply way of unclogging the toilet and these acidic products sell by the groves. I figured if something was going to try and come up my toilet again, it would have to be strong enough to push the lid up with the weights on it and I‘d know right away.

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But don’t panic yet, today we are going to look at much cheaper ways to fixed that blocked toilet for less than $50 bucks. The sink drain no longer goes “bloop, bloop, bloop!”when we are running the water. The bacteria are in a state of “suspended animation,” I guess you could say, (sort of like the old Sea Monkeys) but they “come to life” when they are added to water. Perhaps the warm water softened the blockage somewhere and allowed it to go down. The next time someone took a shower, water dripped from the ceiling down onto the living room floor! This is not the first time we’ve had a problem with our drains. The drain wire is a simple and most times very effective method of clearing some hard blocked drains. The quick and simple answer is YES. Thick Rubber Gloves – These chemicals can burn and cause serious skin irritation. It’s just a big tortoise really, but it can give you a big bite.

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