[OC][Transcripts] Transcripts:Dreams – Chapter 18 : HFY

” A voice from behind Edwin shouted. He raised a hand from behind his pressed blue cape, allowing her to rise. Carent shook his head and removed his hand for his pocket. Carent stood, pulling his sword free of the Hydran and after giving it a slight swish, sent most of the Blood sailing off of it’s blade. I think is sensible given it’s MOT free status that I don’t want to abuse. “Do you honestly think the human could do that? He accepted that as an answer and told me not to think about it too much. I would not even dare to mention such a measure if I did not think it were absolutely necessary.” The room felt cold and Dr. Yusa could feel icy prangs on her skin and a chilled clasp around her heart. What worried her even further was how the computer failed to announce the visitor’s name when they entered.

Failed organs bubbled in their containers, most of which were to be destroyed after the project’s completion. ” His great presence fell quiet, and Yusa strained to hear his words, the intensity all but a whisper. Or he had been, during the war, before he had met Carent, before he had been dragged into this hidden world spoken about in story and whisper. Her ears perked up, and the hostilities within her vanished, she’d never met a military commander before! “Esaander is not an authorised military affiliate, rather, the project you are working on is a private venture of mine.” Yusa’s ears stood involuntarily on end. Yusa’s blood ran cold, doubling back at the very mention of illegal, vital systems tampering. “Very good,” Nako’s voice chilled Yusa’s blood as he stood over her, “have you created Miss Howe’s translator unit yet? ” he clarified, looking over the samples of her work. ” Jasmine gasped, while Japan didn’t immediately strike the image of farm life, she internally groaned when realised that Wagu and Kobe beef had to come from somewhere. She dared a glance at the insignia decorating his uniform cape and while she wasn’t entirely accustomed to military pecking order, the lieutenant had enough glittering badges at such a young age to warrant her admiration.

” She gulped. A commander with high enough presence to afford his own venture? “Yes your honour, Esaander paid the extremely high premium for the exclusivity… and it was a very smart business move.” She admitted, secretly wondering if she might transfer to the fledgling company, to join before the barrier of entry became astronomical once the ‘human’ and ‘dog’ data went to market. Like all Cavaliers, he both seemed to fit in, and be out of place wherever he went. Grandpas health started to get worse and he went to the doctor more often. She just got sis dry and put to bed and started making quiet phone calls. She didn’t believe me and thought I was making it up. I told my dad as well and he just thought it was a combination of a dream and a child’s imagination. She had never thought in all her life that she would ever be put in such a position. She had only needed to complete her tasks, but now this man of incredible position and power was asking her to do the unspeakable, to sabotage another sentience’s freedom of expression. “A single cry from the tormented human’s psyche has scared me in a way no other could, and I fear that power turned on our own people in anger or in arrogance.” The lieutenant knelt down before her and begged for her to listen to his reason.

I also found the some of the power steering hard lines were rusted and i wanted to remove as much scale as I could to try and stop the rust from continuing to corrode. The MX5 wasn’t as easy, after clearing off the underseal and poking about I was glad I bought the entire chassis rail repair panels rather than just cutting out some metal to patch in, the hole was on the outer side however the worst of the rust was actually on the bottom face on the inside of the rail which couldn’t be seen almost at all from the outside. Usually government officials trying to sniff out any details they could under the guise of guided tours, or ‘co-operative projects’. She turned to see not a citizen asset or government drone but a decorated lieutenant commander. Instead, Nako wanted her to understand his distaste for the action, and that he wanted to honour her right as a citizen to make the decision.

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