Some who have tried this method admit that they haven’t seen a raccoon die because of this measure, but they swear that the number of these animals that have raided their deer feeder has dwindled significantly after they’ve tried this tactic. Supposedly, it’s deadly to these critters because they’re not able to digest it properly, and so they eventually die. They’re made of metal with tight spaces that the coons can’t go through. They’re more likely to sleep through the entire winter in the wild. Removing raccoons and ensuring they don’t come back is more engaging than most homeowners take it to be. Removing any piles of brush, debris, and wood will cut down on the likelihood that raccoons will make your yard their new home. These people are there to help you, and if it means helping another animal not get hurt by an angry home owner trying to turf it out, they will gladly give you advice.

Some people just admit defeat and build two homemade feeder stations. Others try just greasing the legs of the feeder. These are applied to the legs of the feeder so that the varmints can’t climb the feeder without getting cut. How practical these are. Meat temperature guide. Here are the optimum serving temps. Here I suggest Top 10 products of 2020 with different brands for your consideration. With that said, some raccoon sprays and products can be useful at temporarily driving raccoons out of their den so you can seal it up. There are products on the market specifically designed to conserve water while providing effective deterrents for raccoons. A few have tried to just stop operating the feeders for a while until they stop trying. HANGER HATE IS REAL Get over your visceral dislike of clothes hangers, and you’ll finally stop leaving your clothes on the floor — we promise. Use metallic cans that will not open even when toppled over.

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Unfortunately, there’s always the possibility that the varmints will claim both stations for their own! Unfortunately, reports vary as to how effective these really are. When it is evident that you are now sharing your property with this nasty creature, there are four ways you could go about handling the issue. Now you will need to make sure all the raccoons are gone because if you trap a mother away from her children it can cause the raccoon become aggressive. Sealing up entry points will get rid of the raccoons in your attic, and keep them from coming back. On the hunt for food and a place to establish their den, they can show up in your yard, your attic, your chimney, rummaging through your garbage and more. One thing we always advice our clients is that when you need quick and effective results you may use more than one method. One persistent rumor has it that “Monkey Chow” will work. She will literally tear your house down as she tries to get to her young.

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Since the animals can open doors, it would also be advisable if you sealed any pet doors and locked any place the raccoons may use to get inside the house. Those who have had a raccoon inside the house will definitely tell you that the animals do not leave a pretty sight! For instance, employing about two or so tactics will get rid of your raccoon problem while ensuring that there is no chance of a recurrence. In fact, while doing so may keep raccoons at bay fir some time, it can only be a temporary and makeshift solution. How to use: spray the solution in attics, cupboards, basements and anywhere where raccoons invading your home. Mix all ingredients together in the large spray bottle. You could buy a large trap. Choose where you place your trap carefully and leave a path of the bait leading all the way towards the back of the trap so that once the raccoon is in the cage, it trips the pan and the trap is sprung.

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We usually insist on live trapping because it is a humane way to deal with your raccoon problem. The problem is, warm water also awakens the dormant bacteria. Some varmints seem to have a problem with these things, but some squirrels may be able to climb up anyway. The only problem with trapping however, is that there are chances of trapping the wrong animal for instance a stray skunk, rat or even the wrong raccoon! Even if you ingest them, there are usually not enough, and they don’t grow fast enough in our gut to do us any harm. Just like all other wild animals that may be lurking around your property, the raccoons are there for the food. Kill the insects in your garden by the use of the right pesticides to ensure that the raccoons cannot dig out their favorite grubs and keep lurking around. Setting some humane door traps is a good way to get raccoons out of your home. If you don’t want to kill any of the invading raccoons, then the only other surefire way to get rid of them is by physical removal. Ordinary fences don’t hold up well enough as raccoons will dig under, climb over or find a way through them.

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